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We’re broadcast heavy today, for some reason

“The treacherous future for terrestrial radio.” That’s the headline Axios ran with the news of iHeartMedia officially filing for bankruptcy last week. It would be weird for me to aggregate an Axios article, which are designed to be super skimmable to begin with…

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Follow-ups to Infinite Dial, Dayparting

My attempt at basic analytics this week didn’t turn out to be entirely successful, though the overall point I was trying to make nonetheless held true — the benefit, I suppose, of not being particularly specific in pulling conclusions or lessons from those numbers….

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Infinite Dial 2018 Takeaways, Chompers

Yesterday was Infinite Dial day, and guess what? Things look really good. But of course, it’s a lot more nuanced than that, particularly if you’re assuming the perspective of those who make podcasts. The media category, culturally defined, continues to grow steadily, but the manner in which it will evolve in years to come is a whole other question….

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March 2, 2018: Midroll Revenue

Midroll 2017 Revenues. That EW Scripps has broken out Midroll’s financials for the first time in their annual report. The relevant 10-K can found here. You can search around detail, but here’s the big takeaway: Midroll’s net revenue in 2017 was around $18.2 million, up from $14 million the year before…

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Feb 23, 2018: Agency Interest, Broadcast, etc.

Hey y’all!

Now that I’ve successfully fended off the wolves at the DMV and acquired a driver’s license, I’ve encountered an unexpected first-world problem specific to my lifestyle: the choice to (a) drive places that would otherwise take me thirty minutes to go to walk (that, without a driver’s license, was my only option up to this) and my day infinitely more efficient, or (b) walk the thirty minutes anyway, because it’s the only way I can listen to stuff with full concentration….

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Feb 17, 2018: Follow up to Spray and Pray

Follow-up to After Spray-and-Pray. As established in the flash history lesson on NPR’s podcasting adventures over the past ten years, there’s a ton of upside in concentrating resources, maintaining a disciplined focus, and not stretching yourself too thin. At least, that’s what I learned from the NPR example, and it’s something that USA Today and ESPN are both learning as they go along with their respective podcasting plans as well…

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Feb 9, 2018: Follow Up on The City

Follow-up on The City. As much as folks were excited for the prospect of “The Wire or Treme, but only if they were true” — which, to my mind, weirdly evokes Robert Caro’s The Power Broker more than anything else, not that I’ve actually read it because it’s a fucking brick that’s eaten other bricks — wait, what was I saying…

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Jan 26, 2018: Follow-up on Subcast

So, it turns out that a good chunk of the Hot Pod readership is pretty excited by this whole “active vs. passive,” “how will we control listening on the smart speaker” question. But it also turns out that an even greater chunk were just enthused about the notion of “Bachelor Nation Radio,” along with the prospect of being able to be covered in the warm embrace of endless Bachelor-related podcast content…

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Jan 19, 2018: might as well call this the Hot Plat newsletter

So yes, Spotify is indeed moving ahead with the podcast-slash-non-music audio machinations that they’ve been tinkering with, which I suppose was a little up in the air in the wake of the turnover in the role that oversees the music streaming platform’s video and podcasts operations. Courtney Holt, formerly the head honcho at the YouTube MCN Maker Studios..,

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